Gemstone Bracelet - Katara

Gemstone Bracelet - Katara

Jiggly Roll



Katara brings a sense of tranquility, reliefs stress and anxiety, and enhances wealth and prosperity!

Katara is made of:

  • Blue angelite - promotes communication and self-expression. It dispels fear, enhances tranquility and encourages forgiveness .
  • Amethyst - it relieves stress and strain, balances mood swings, dispels anger, and alleviates sadness and grief.
  • Cat eye - brings wealth and prosperity in life, and relieve mental imbalances and provide relief from anxiety. Wearing the gemstone can help protect your life from the effects of the evil.


Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist to measure your exact wrist size. Do not leave any gaps in between your wrist and the tape. We will make the necessary adjustments (based on your exact wrist size) according to your preference for a snug or loose fit.

If your exact wrist size is 15cm and you prefer a loose fit, choose 15cm and "loose fit". Please do not choose a larger wrist size.


If you do not see your exact wrist size inside the list, round off to the nearest 0.5cm.

For example

If your wrist size is 14.3cm, choose 14.5cm.

If your wrist size is 14.7cm, choose 14.5cm.

If your wrist size is 14.9cm, choose 15cm.



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