#5 Periwinkle

#5 Periwinkle

Dear J Gems


Bracelet consists of the following stones and 18K gold-plated hardware:

Purple Amethyst - Enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Gives wearer protection. Calms the mind and spirit. Protects from nightmare/insomnia.

Rose Quartz - Stone of love and symbol of beauty. Can be used to attract love and dispels anger, resentment and jealousy. Raises self-esteem and balances emotions. 

Clear Quartz - Stone of healing. Amplifies energy and thoughts. Promotes clarity of mind and aids in creativity. Believed to increase wisdom and insight.

White Chalcedony - Stone of harmony. Protects against negative influences, increases energy and promotes emotional balance. Increases self-confidence.

Fits average size (15-16cm)