Cherry Blossom Sakura Agate 8mm Bracelet 14K Gold Filled

Cherry Blossom Sakura Agate 8mm Bracelet 14K Gold Filled

Auralette Jewellery


Premium Cherry Blossom Agate finished in 14K Gold Filled. These have beautiful, distinct patterns and bandings on every bead, which makes these so unique! 

Available in 14cm and 15cm resizing and restringing available- message us on instagram or whatsapp 8379 9643

Cherry Blossom Agate:
A wonderful stone with grounding and stabilising properties. Enhances focus, concentration, strategic & analytic thinking.  As the name implies, this stone is believed to help inspire a blooming spirit. A perfect crystal for when you feel like you're in a rut, stuck in life or simply need some extra rejuvenation to rekindle your fire.  


  • Cherry Blossom/ Sakura Agate – 8mm
  • 14K Gold-Filled 

Customs available, message us to enquire 

14k Gold Filled hardware1/20 14k gold-filled contains at least 5% genuine gold by weight, making it much more durable than gold plating. In addition, it will neither turn green nor flake and is hypoallergenic, a great accompaniment to your crystals.

All measurements are approximates

All pieces are cleansed with Palo Santo/ White Sage