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The revival of the classic 'Singapore Girl™' Perfume - The 'Singapore Girl' fragrance was a brilliant blend of notes, designed for the traditional, sophisticated, and alluring woman.
Originally introduced in the 1960s, this exquisite creation ceased production in 2006. In 2014, we acquired this remarkable formula, and ever since, we have been meticulously crafting it in small batches.
We have faithfully preserved the original formulation, and we are delighted to present you with the same timeless fragrance. It was, and still is, designed for a woman who adeptly balances traditional expectations with contemporary aspirations. She gracefully manages those expectations while retaining her carefree spirit and independence.
At the top of this creation, you'll find a gentle hint of citrus. The heart is composed of Lotus and Water-lily, while Teak-wood provides a refreshing conclusion to this ode to her.