ūrja hair oiL masque

ūrja hair oiL masque



ū r j a   h a i r   o i L   m a s q u e   is a nourishing, pure oil blend that uses the finest-quality oils and herb oils promote healthy hair growth, and improve its overall texture and volume. This oil masque will clear your head and help soothe energy flow – increasing circulation, aiding hair growth, strengthening the hair, protecting against harsh chemicals and maintaining natural sheen.

Making your crowing glory – glow from within.


  • nourishes the scalp to strengthen hair follicles.
  • helps combat hair fall.
  • encourages healthy hair growth and restores volume.
  • free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.

Coconut oiL          - deeply moisturizes, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
Sesame seed oiL - deeply nourishes the scalp, keeps scalp healthy, hair soft and voluminous
Flaxseed oiL        - nourish hair follicles for healthy hair growth
Neem oiL             - 
healing, cooling, antibacterial and purifying

made in small batches to maintain quality, with natural ingredients. no mineral oil, no paraben, sulfate, surfactant, petrochemical and harmful chemical used.