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Vanda 1981®: Just like all our fragrances, this one continues to push the boundaries of olfactory artistry, reimagining the timeless connection and harmonizing seamlessly with our rich heritage and history.
Vanda is the most natural choice for perfumery notes due to its gentle, captivating, and feminine scent. It embodies a playful yet tender fragrance, tailored for an intelligent and inquisitive woman, poised to embark on worldly explorations.
The stunning Vanda orchids thrive naturally in regions like India, Indonesia, Southern China, Southeast Asia, and Northern Australia, flourishing in warm tropical climates with higher humidity. Their array of colors, including the rare shades of blue, adds to their allure.
Regrettably, these exquisite orchids are now endangered due to the loss of their natural habitat, leading to a global prohibition on the export of wild Vanda orchids. Fortunately, Singapore offers a sanctuary where these remarkable flowers can still be admired.
Among the most renowned Singaporean Vanda orchids is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower, handpicked from a selection of 40 flowers for its vibrant hues, durability, and resilience, reflecting the spirit of Singapore. Other notable Vanda varieties include Vanda Shah Rukh Khan and Vanda William Catherine, among many others in a diverse collection.