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Singapore, positioned One Degree North® of the Equator, is an ideal location for nurturing orchids. Our fragrance, One Degree North®, captures the essence of this remarkable flora and the surrounding aquatic elements.
People have inhabited the rainforests for countless millennia, and their existence has remained so enigmatic that only in recent times have certain tribes been discovered. They possess unique customs and maintain a profound connection with the forest and nature.
Many staple crops, such as yam, chocolate, coffee, mango, banana, papaya, macadamia, avocado, and sugarcane, originally originated from tropical rainforests and are predominantly cultivated in areas that were once lush tropical forests. Tropical forests have contributed a staggering 250 cultivated fruit varieties, in contrast to the 20 found in temperate forests.
The Straits Settlements have documented 800 orchid species across 120 genera. Singapore, centrally located amidst this diverse flora, boasts thousands of orchid species, including 226 native varieties.
This perfume is a tribute to the native orchids, equatorial rain, and the refreshing breeze that accompanies them. It combines timeless notes of various orchids with sophisticated, contemporary hints of sea salt and aquatic nuances, all complemented by invigorating citrus.
It is a fragrance designed for the carefree, adventurous man—a true explorer and voyager at heart.