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The revival of the iconic 'Reves De Singapour®' Perfume - 'Dreams of Singapore' was precisely that: a timeless and brilliant blend of fragrant notes. We have reintroduced this fragrance, specially crafted for men, and we hope you appreciate its charm.
'Reves De Singapour' translates to "Dreams of Singapore," and it perfectly encapsulates an era when everyone was yearning for a brighter future and collectively working towards shaping the amazing Singapore we know today.
As we now enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is essential to honor and express gratitude to the pioneering generation. Their visionary contributions across various industries and their concerted efforts have played an integral role in shaping the Singapore we are proud of today.
Surprisingly, the first color television arrived in Singapore in 1974. The 1960s marked a pivotal period in the island's development, emphasizing industrialization and manufacturing, ultimately leading to the prosperity of the 1970s and full employment in Singapore.